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A few minutes ago, I got a text from one of my sons that read, “I’m struggling with giving and having patience today.  Just pray for me.”  I instantly replied to him and asked the Lord to cover him with a refreshed perspective and renewed ability to take things in stride….he reached out.

What an honor as his Mom to be able to know specifically how to pray for my child.  It’s these rare moments that I used to gloss over and seemingly forget about….but as I’ve learned over the past year, it’s these VERY MOMENTS when I need to stop and offer praise and thanks for!  And also experience a teachable moment…FOR ME!

My son has realized that its ok to reach out to a lifeline for help like he did today with a simple text.   I was able to offer him encouragement and  simultaneously speak to the Lord on his behalf.  I can learn a lot from that young man…..

SO OFTEN I  look to MYSELF to find resolution (after I’ve quickly muttered a half-hearted prayer).  There are lifelines who would be honored, like I am, to pray alongside me.  I confess that my pride often doesn’t allow me (nor anyone else) that blessing.  I’m too concerned with exposing my weaknesses to someone and possibly having to admit that I’m not gifted with patience, or that I’m weary, overwhelmed, exhausted, struggling with friendships, battling a negative self-image, fearful that I’ll be alone, disorganized, not good enough, anxious, caught up in status, I’ve yelled at my kids, I’m angry, doubtful …..  There is an ABUNDANCE OF OPPORTUNITIES for me to call out to a lifeline….and confess I’m weak and need prayer.

Yet another significant lesson being sown into my life because I have a son who wasn’t afraid to confess where he’s struggling…..another teachable moment for Mom. 🙂

thankful for these moments – socialcyndi


A slice of my heart…

JTLE 8/11

These four people right here are my truly my favorite people to spend time with. They bring a smile to my face, communicate from the heart, they serve those around them, they listen, they’re respectful, they’re best friends, they DREAM and most importantly, they live lives that honor the Lord.  It’s been said that they’re “too nice”…”too loving”… “they hug too much”… I assure you, I wouldn’t want them any other way.  It’s who they are – all with hearts that yearn to make a difference, bring smiles to little faces, cause a crying baby to giggle…. God blessed me with the opportunity of bringing up these three young men and a little lady.

Jonathon, Tyler, Lauren and Ethan – THANK YOU – for the endless supply of grace you offer me and for being so willing to stand tall when you could have easily made excuses to fall. I’m honored to be your Mom!

sharing a slice of my heart with you – socialcyndi

Flooded with I’s….

Over and over, I’ve said to myself “you need to start a blog.”  Today’s the day!  It’s one thing to write down everything about me, my life, my kids, my relationship, my family….and get stuck in the “I, I, I’s” of life…..my desire here, is different. It’s about US…..you, the reader and me on a journey together.  I have no idea where we’re heading either – just jumping in and taking off.  In order to journey together, I’m going to safely say we should probably become acquainted – which means for JUST TODAY, I’m going to flood you with the “I’s”……. I desire to be used by God to bless people – I’m a Mom of four whom I refer to as #myfabfour (on Twitter) –  I’m in love with a man who’s daily reminding me that I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams –  My Mom is my hero – I’m passionate in all I do – I jump in – dive deep – get real – despise unnecessary drama – wish everyone well – hurt for the hurting – pray for the sick – laugh with the happy – cry with those who are mourning – dream with dreamers – understand pain & heartache – desire to make a difference – encourage strangers – love all walks of life – hope to inspire – love to laugh – will earn your trust – am honest to a fault – I’m stubborn – I like things my way – I’m a control freak – I’m learning to surrender – I’m easily flustered – I’m witty – I like to sing – I can’t dance but like to – I love music…and rap is music – I love food – I’ve struggled with weight my whole life – I’m loyal – I’m a real friend – My kids love me – my friends count on me – I’ve been betrayed – I’ve tried and failed – I’m a hopeless romantic – I’m old fashioned – I live to serve those I love – I want to help everyone – I like a tidy house – I’m anal about some things – I like coffee – I get headaches – I cry with people I trust – I’m not very quiet – I like wearing hats – I like demin- I LOVE football – I heart the Oregon Ducks – My favorite NFL team – New England Patriots – New fan of the Lakers – I fly flags outside of my house – I grow trees when I’m talking with those closest to me – I’m in love – I’m happy – I’m focused – I’m determined to make something of myself – I want to help people see their dreams become reality – I wont’ quit – I love social media – I represent people on Twitter & FB – I HATE being taken advantage of – I’m easily taken advantage of – I ramble….can you tell!?! I’m certain I left some things out – but you get the gist!  Here I am world – and I’m going to share life with whomever wants to come aboard!  :0) WELCOME!!! Until next time – socialcyndi

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