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WISE WORDS….that are RIGHT in line with my life!!!

I’ve come to realize that it’s this “pointless drama” that is NECESSARY in order to see who and what are important!  I’m blessed to have true friends who encourage, uplift, that are genuine and unpretentious…they are rare indeed!
My prayer is to be THIS FRIEND to others….

A constant work in progress – socialcyndi


A moment to cherish…

he truly does take my breath away....

Every once in a while I find myself in the midst of a moment I never want to forget.  Thankfully, there was a camera to capture this one!  I am in love – with the man of my dreams!  I didn’t even know what those dreams really looked like until now…and they are truly better than I thought possible.   It’s not complicated really.  There he is…each and every day he serves as a reminder that I’m right where I belong.

I look forward to each new moment I’m given to cherish….for now, I’ll relish in this one!

Sharing my moment with you – socialcyndi ❤

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